Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tool # 10

Three things I would like my students to understand about digital citizenship are:
1. Appropriate use of technology - this includes the proper use of copyrighted information found on sites in order to avoid plagiarism or copyright violation.
2. Appropriate use of social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter - students should have an understanding of the digital footprints they are leaving and the permanence of posted information. Discussions should also discuss the importance of avoiding such things as bullying, and providing too much personal information which can put them at risk.
3. Credibility of information found on the web. Is the information found personal opinion or is it indeed researched, credible information.

Wes Fryer's blog  - Moving at the speed of creativity will be a great resource.I have also found Alan November's books to be great resources with example sites to use for educating students.

Digital citizenship needs to be an ongoing discussion in each classroom by each teacher. Each time we use technology as a resource in the classroom, discussion of appropriate use should be re-visited. However, as each assignment unfolds, there will be opportunities that arise and must be discussed immediately.

Digital Citizenship discussions must be ongoing with parents. This might be accomplished via monthly parent meetings, newsletters, school and teacher websites, or at curriculum/parent evenings. It must be ongoing.

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