Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tool # 11

1. I have several new favorite tools to access. The one I see myself using regularly is Google docs. This year will be a year of learning and collaborating as we move forward with the iCoach model. Due to campus commitments, together time will be limited and Google docs will allow us to collaborate without having to meet face to face. I will also use Google docs to support me as I work with teachers. I will also use the Daily Notes app on my iPad to keep important meeting information. As I support teachers, I now have a clearer understanding of apps and websites that are available to support content.
2. I must say that my horizons have certainly expanded now that I have completed the 11 Tools. I see myself referring to this information regularly as I work with teachers to plan lessons. The key take away is that the technology must fit the objective instead of the other way around. 

3. The biggest surprise for me was how easy the applications/sites were to use and navigate. I have seen others use sites such as Animoto before, but always thought it would be much more complicated than it actually is.

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