Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tool # 2

Building a PLN is something I am looking forward to as we begin to integrate content areas and technology more directly. I think the PLN is going to be critical for all of us as instructional coaches. With only one coach assigned per campus, we will need to pull on the strengths of each member of the group. Working together is so much more powerful than working alone.
As I read the article on commenting on blogs, my own reservations about publicly commenting on blogs were expressed. I, too, hesitate to share comments on a blog when I have to register. I also hesitate to comment, but I now see the value in being a contributor as well as a taker of information and I will try to comment more frequently. I learn from other's comments, and I need to remember that many times, I have something of value to add to a discussion. This is something that I think all of the I-coaches in SBISD will need to remember as we build our PLN .
In completing this tool, I commented on 5 other blogs. I recently also set up a Diigo account and joined some groups. I am definitely still a novice when it comes to Diigo, but I think it is going to be a useful tool for me as I continue to expand my learning network.
I plan to visit the Diigo group Classroom 2.0 regularly to learn more about the practical application of technology in the classroom.

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