Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tool # 3

I visited You Tube, Teacher Tube today. Both of these sights will be useful for teacher use, but I am amazed at how long one can spend sifting through videos to find ones appropriate for use in the classroom. After much time spent searching, I found this video on parts of the circle and their relationships that would be appropriate for a quick introduction in 6th grade math. Here is the circle video:

This video would generate discussion as to the meaning of probability.

I'm very excited that I have now learned how to embed video into my blog.

Fair Use - I learned that it is okay to take part of something and change or add to it. I loved the video for students and I think this will help them clarify acceptable use. The link for teachers that leads teachers through the questions is also something we can share.
Picassa can be used by the students to add visual support to their presentations, and I could see them taking pictures in math class and then use the pictures compared to the actual objects to determine things such as scale factor.

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