Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tool # 6

While attending the ISTE Conference I had the opportunity to participate in numerous sessions through the use of a Backchannel. I see this tool being used in many staff developments and in the classroom setting. The Backchannel provides participants the opportunity to ask questions, and provide input throughout the session/lesson. Prior to ISTE, I had never experienced a Backchannel, but I immediately saw the uses and enjoyed having the opportunity to add to a session, while gaining insights of other participants at the same time! 

Twitter is another tool that I am beginning to explore and I also had the opportunity to experience it during the ISTE Conference. By following tweets of the ISTE participants as well as those in SBISD, I was able to see tidbits of information from sessions I was unable to attend. I can see this being used among SBISD iCoaches, teachers, and learning communities we create. At its highest level of use, I can see students summarizing and sharing learning within an established classroom community. 

I have also created a Diigo account. This is a new tool for me, and I am still in the learning stages. I have joined educational groups of interest and am currently exploring the other aspects. Diigo is going to be a powerful tool for me as an instructional coach, but also for students to use to organize their bookmarks, important information and a multitude of other things about which I am still learning. 

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