Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tool # 8

I have been using an iPad for the past year, so I have set up an iTunes account, have downloaded apps and have created Google docs to use during classroom observations. It is very exciting to see the Netbooks, iPads, and iTouches being used in the classrooms. Throughout this past year, I have seen students in elementary classrooms become very excited when it is their turn to rotate through the iTouch station. However, many times, the students were using apps that did not coincide with the content (using language apps during math stations). Although the teachers have shown the students the apps each should be using, without an accountability component, students were able to avoid doing that content and to play with apps they found more interesting. So, I would encourage teachers to incorporate some sort of accountability to determine student learning or understanding from the assigned app.

The Wacom device to be used in art classrooms is something I have not seen or used, but it looks as if it will be quite a fun tool for the art teachers to utilize in their classrooms. It is nice to know that more training can be accomplished through Atomic Learning.

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